Class change & cancellation

The information written on this page applies for one-day class bookings. For students taking master classes, please refer to the booking policy we have sent you during booking confirmation.

Preparations are made before the class; where the cost of purchasing materials and preparing them has already incurred. Thus, we advise students to avoid change or cancellation as much as possible and only book the date and timing that they can confirm on.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and you are unable to make it for the class or a change is required, please contact us as soon as possible. The policies written below will be applied accordingly.




One date/time/number of pax change is possible at least one week before.


Change of date or time

At least three days before : $15 fee

Change is not possible thereafter.


Change in pax number 

At least three days before: 20% refund of deposit for the student not attending

Refund is not possible thereafter.




Cancellation with a full refund is possible at least two weeks before.


At least one week before : 20% refund of deposit

Refund is not possible thereafter.

*This only applies for students who booked from 6 February 2024 onwards. Students who booked before 6 February 2024, the policy sent to you during booking confirmation applies accordingly.



If you are unwell, please let us know as soon as possible. Last minute notifications are difficult on our end as well.