Product return & exchange

How to return & exchange

Upon receiving a damaged product, please contact us immediately for an exchange and return the product within 48 hours with images of the damaged delivery box and product. A new product will be delivered to you.

If you request for an exchange 24 hours after receiving the product, please note that it will be considered a damage caused by use and cannot be exchanged.


Terms & Conditions

As all our candles are handmade individually and not factory-made, no two candles are 100% identical.

Natural occurences of soywax (such as frosting) are not eligible reasons for return and exchange.

Painted parts of the candle may come off with rubbing, please avoid touching those specific areas.

Colour colliding is a natural occurrence where the candle colouring may come together creating a form of gradient effect. This is unavoidable due to Singapore’s weather conditions, you may slow down the process by storing the candles in a cool and dry place.

Custom products are not available for any form of returns or exchanges as they are made to an individual’s requests. Please state your specifications before purchasing them.

*The above mentioned are not eligible reasons for return and exchange.