About us


Hello, nice to meet you! I am Miyo, the owner of Miyo candle. Candles have now entered the art community, where they are not only viewed as scents and light sources but decorative items. Our brand aims to create quality pieces made with love to our customers and also share our skills to interested audiences.

Majority of our candles are pillar candles; candles without containers. These candles have the extra point of aesthetic instead of the usual sole purpose of burning. Our candles will give a pleasant point to your environment with light scents wafting around even without burning them.

I started out with just love and interest I have for these candles, making them in my small bedroom with candle materials sprawled out every corner. The more I made them as a hobby, the more passion I had and wanted these candles to gain more attention in Singapore. I then proceeded to learn from professional candle instructors in Korea and opened Miyo candle.

All items listed on our website are handmade by me so I take lots of pride in making sure that you get the best products. Our materials are directly imported from Korea, where candles are widely sought for and quality is assured. Classes are also taught solely by me and I will put my utmost effort to give you a fun and enjoyable time or an enriching experience if you’d like to step into the candle world professionally.

Thank you for taking interest in Miyo candle. 🐇🤍