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About us

Hello, nice to meet you! I am Miyo, the only one operating Miyo candle. I aim to bring cute and at the same time, quality candles to you.

Majority of our candles are pillar candles; candles without containers. If you’re looking for a long burn time and strong scent throw, container candles are recommended. Our candles will give a pleasant point to your environment with light scents wafting around even without lighting it.

I have obtained master certificates from Korea Candle Craft Association (한국양초공예협회), Daily Candle School (데일리캔들스쿨), Bouquet Design Research Association (부케디자인연구협회), Craft & Design Lab (크래프트디자인연구협회), Oddrow (왁스디오라마) hoping to introduce Korean-designed candles to you in Singapore. Our candle materials are directly imported from South Korea whilst the master classes are devised by candle professionals mentioned above; whom are well-recognised in the candle society.

All items listed on our website are handmade by me so I take lots of pride in making sure that you get the best looking and quality products. Classes are also taught solely by me and I will put my utmost effort to ensure you a fun and enjoyable time or an enriching experience if you’d like to step into the candle world professionally.

Thank you for taking interest in Miyo candle! 🐰🤍