perfume one-day class


A brand created by Miyo candle; Miyo Memoir


Choose from over 80 fragrance and essential oils to create your very own perfume. Fret not about not knowing what to choose! With Miyo Memoir, we specially utilise colours to aid your understanding and decision making of scent blending. Also learn about top, middle, base notes and their functions to create a suitable scent based on your personal preferences. It’s a fun and colourful class that you can enjoy through your sense of sight and smell.

*Perfume bottle design may change seasonally, please check with us beforehand if you have a specific preference.




What you will be making

30ml perfume

(Personalised sticker label and a mini pouch will be given as free gifts.)


SGD50 per student
Estimated duration
1 hour (differs for each student)
any enquiries / to book a timeslot
Instagram message @miyocandle