wax plant candle one-day class


Make this realistic looking candle from scratch by pouring the candle base with your favourite scent, crafting each leaf one by one and adding further details. It is definitely a healing and relaxing process for those who enjoy making things with your hands. 🫶🏻

Made out of 100% natural beeswax, this candle has the property to purify the air and clear our respiratory system when lighted thanks to the high propolis content in the wax. But of course, you can also choose to enjoy it as home decor and wafting scents even without lighting it up. It’s a plant which requires zero care but still stays the same forever. 🪴

*For students who who would like to make both designs or learn the exact recipe, please take the CLAB wax plant master class instead.
*Pot design may change seasonally, please check with us beforehand if you have a specific preference.


What you will be making

wax plant candle


poinsettia candle

(Please specify your preferred colour of the leaf base when booking as it requires time to harden, thus made before class. It will depend on availability if not requested beforehand.)



wax plant candle SGD65 per student


poinsettia candle SGD55 per student


Estimated duration

1 hour 30 minutes (differs for each student)


any enquiries / to book a timeslot

Instagram message @miyocandle