wax diorama one-day class

Wax diorama class was created by two candle masters in Korea just this year and it has been taking a storm over candle instructors in Korea and Japan. Now, I hope to bring this aesthetically pleasing wax diorama class to you here in Singapore!
The original intention behind wax diorama is to create a micro representation of the real world with candle wax. It can be used as a candle holder or just for decor purposes. In this one-day class, you can create your own little world with the scenery you like; whether it’s a beach, park or farm etc. From colouring the land to the waters, it’s entirely up to your imagination! Add little details into the scenery along the way and decorate it to be uniquely yours! ✨
Join me and let’s spend a healing day making our little colourful world. 🌱
*For students who are interested in the recipe and certification, please take the wax diorama master class instead.
*Types of sceneries available and glass design may change seasonally, please check with us beforehand if you have a specific preference.
What you will be making

wax diorama only


wax diorama candle holder version + tealight candle

(Please specify your preferred choice and colour of the trees when booking as it requires time to harden, thus made before class. It will depend on availability if not requested beforehand.)


wax diorama only SGD54 per student


wax diorama candle holder version + tealight candle SGD64 per student

Estimated duration
1 hour ~ 1 hour 10 minutes (differs for each student)
any enquiries / to book a timeslot
Instagram message @miyocandle