moru doll one-day class

The newest trend from Korea has come to town…🤍 “mo-ru in-hyeong”; translated to wire doll is currently being enjoyed by many as a hobby with its’ fun making process and cute looks. It definitely adds a point to your bag or anywhere else you may choose to hang it! ✨

In this class, you can mold your desired doll shape (rabbit, bear, etc.) from scratch with a variety of fur types and colours to choose from. Thereafter, you can choose to accessorise with a simple outfit (skirt, pants, etc.) or glitz it up further with high quality clothes, accessories imported from Korea and even adding makeup all according to your personal taste. Let’s have a lovely day together making this cute item~


What you will be making

moru doll (with keyring)


moru doll (without keyring)



SGD28 per student

(optional) add on clothes, accessories ranges from SGD1 ~ SGD15

(Price range and availability of clothes and accessories may differ seasonally. If you have a specific clothing or accessory you’d like, please contact us beforehand to check for availability or to pre-order. You can also continue to purchase them after class.)


Estimated duration

1 hour (differs for each student)


any enquiries / to book a timeslot

Instagram message @miyocandle