custom cake candle

This product is only available for self pick-up at our studio due to its' fragility.

Please read the information provided below and follow the steps to order or enquire for a price, thank you 💛


*Note that this product is for decor purposes, the wick may not burn through the entire candle. It gives off scent without the need to light it up.
*Exact measurements ranges according to your preferred design.
*This is a custom product where prices ranges according to design’s complexity, please read the information provided below and send an order request to our Instagram.


🎂 How to order a custom cake candle 🍰

Please view and choose from the options below

sliced cake candle

 - 02 text limit

 - 01 mini character drawing / detail

 - suited for simple designs



 - 01 text limit

- suited for very simple designs 


7cm cake candle

- 08 text limit

- one layer cream piping designs

- 01 basic character drawing / detail


 9.5cm cake candle (circle / heart)

- 20 text limit

- unlimited designs! 🤍

- cake box included, just like a real cake~


house cake candle

- house shape 🏡

- 20 text limit

- unlimited designs! 🤍

- cake box included, just like a real cake~


view past works here



1. Spring Flower

2. A Day at a Spa

3. Sugar Lemon

4. Eucalyptus & Spearmint

5. Warm Cotton Towel

6. Amber & Lavender

7. Heavenly Peach

8. Seasalt & Yuzu


Order request format 📝

Send an Instagram DM to @miyocandle according to this format


1. Name


2. Cake base (sliced cake, 5.5cm, etc.)


3. Design description

*Please do not request for other artists’ designs or copyrighted characters.

*As my design perspective may be different from the customer’s, do let me know your preferences specifically.

- if you prepare a picture of your design in mind, it can help me create the cake candle closer to your expectations.

- if you do not have a design in mind, you can tell me your favourite colours and style, I will design one accordingly suited to you!


4. Text input

- limit according to the cake base you choose


5. Scent 

- will be chosen personally by me to pair with your cake design if not specified


The making of your cake candle 🥣💛

*It will take 1~3 weeks to complete depending on the order volume. Miyocandle will contact you when it’s ready for you to bring your candle home!

*For urgent orders, there will be a fee and limited slots. Please highlight it to us if required.

*Custom cake candles are not available for any form of returns or exchanges as they are made to an individual’s requests. You may take some time to discuss with me and decide whether it’s suitable to you before purchasing them.