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wax diorama master class

Wax Diorama Master Class (WDMC) was created by Oddrow and May and Daisy candle studios from Korea. Its’ key meaning is a “real world miniature”, where we aim to create a realistic looking mini world with candle wax. Miyo candle started the first wax diorama one-day class in Singapore and due to its’ rising popularity here, I have decided to open the master class too. 🏝

view more pictures on our Instagram @miyocandle



Learn the secret and the many detailed making tips behind Wax Diorama. The beach version will be practiced in this master class. However, you will get the access to all types of versions after getting the certificate (ice lake version, forest version, farm version and many more).



1. clear stone candle

2. wax diorama (beach version)



course fee SGD140
certification issuance fee SGD60

Estimated duration

2~3 hours (differs for each student)

any enquiries / to book a timeslot

Instagram @miyocandle
Telegram @miyocandle