KCCA palette of perfume

KCCA P.O.P (palette of perfume) is a class specially curated under a long time by Korea’s top candle and craft organisation. With their candle and craft certificates that has spread all over the world, they are entering the perfume world with a new type of curriculum that has more interesting elements to differentiate themselves from other existing perfume master classes.




KCCA has differentiate themselves by coming up with a method that uses both your sight and smell, allowing the learning process to be smoother and fun at the same time. We will also be experimenting with 80 over fragrance and essential oils, with 40 of them being essential oils. There are also rarer high quality essential oils within the 40 choices, allowing us to make rich perfume with different combinations.  There will be tons of experimenting with many different materials provided to make and learn a wide variety of perfumes, room sprays and so on. And of course, like other certificated classes, students will be qualified to teach their own classes upon completing this certification.


❤︎ Extra benefits for KCCA POP (palette of perfume) students ❤︎

- Discounts on purchasing 45 types of E.O./F.O. kits for the first time when registering for classes

- Provision of PPT textbooks for all instructors/group training or student usage

- KCCA Educational Donation provides AI files and images with the logo of career experience certification agency (from Korea)



1. Natural and synthetic fragrance blending practice

2. Accord practice by different notes

3. Visualization theory and practice of perfume using color wheels

4. Perfume/roll-on/room spray/diffuser application practice

5. History and theory of perfume

6. Thirteen note-by-note classification and practice

7. Learning and olfactory training of 45 kinds of natural essential oils

8. Learning and olfactory training of 45 types of perfume bases


class fee SGD1600
certification issuance fee + shipping from South Korea SGD120
Estimated duration
4 sessions of 2~3 hours (differs for each student)  
any enquiries / to book a timeslot
Instagram message @miyocandle 
offline / online class is available
Offline classes will be held at our studio with all materials and equipment prepared.
Online classes will be held via Zoom video call. A list of required equipment will be sent to the student when booking is confirmed; to be prepared at your convenience before class. Students can request from Miyo candle for materials to be shipped over if inaccessible in their area.