KCCA aroma candle master class

KCCA stands for Korea Candle Craft Association. It is a well-known association in Korea that created many professional certificated classes including the most popular; Aroma Candle master class. They started back in 2007 and established one of the first candle associations in Korea. Till now, they remain one of the steadiest running candle association with over thousands of students taking up their master classes; Korea and worldwide.




KCCA is viewed as the basis in candle certification classes. Many candle artists worldwide who specialises in Korean candles are KCCA certified. This master class teaches you various candle knowledge and making techniques, with a wide usage of different types of waxes and other ingredients. After obtaining this certificate, you can also teach this class as an instructor.


1. tealight candle

2. container candle

3. beeswax sheet candle

4. pillar candle

5. cinnamon candle

6. gel candle holder

7. plaster perfumer

8. flower wax tablet

9. silicon mold making

10. making candles using mold

11. stone candle

12. macaron candle

13. transfer technique container candle

14. stamp transfer candle

15. ice cream candle

16. dipping candle

17. dipping candle (cookie cutter)

18. hurricane candle holder

19. pressed flower candle

20. herb candle

21. ice candle

22. propose candle

23. dessert candle

24. cloud candle

25. chunky candle

26. ade / latte candle

27. cameo candle

28. bouquet candle (creative works)


(Extra curriculum with Miyo candle)


29. palm candle

30. colouring recipe

31. cream recipe

32. gradient technique

…picture taking, packaging, business tips

and more…

As a candle artist who have taken classes professionally in Korea and always updating myself with the trends out of Singapore, I will share my personal advice and experience to anyone who would want to start their own business specialising in Korean candles. I will do my best to give you as much information as possible throughout this master class. I hope to see you excelling in making candles, be it as a hobby or a business!

❤︎ Extra benefits only for Miyo candle students ❤︎

- Get access to Miyo’s cafe; a community for Miyo candle’s students where new class information will be updated, tips and videos are posted for students to refer to even after completing the master class.

- Miyo candle will also help students purchase molds directly from their original creators which are only accessible in the Korean candle market.
★ Let’s respect the original creators and avoid purchasing illegally replicated molds. (Amazon, Taobao, etc.) There will definitely be differences in the quality and design compared to the original molds!
class fee SGD1810
certification issuance fee + shipping from South Korea SGD140
Estimated duration
4 sessions of 4~5 hours (differs for each student)  
any enquiries / to book a timeslot
Instagram message @miyocandle
offline / online class is available
Offline classes will be held at our studio with all materials and equipment prepared.
Online classes will be held via Zoom video call. A list of required equipment will be sent to the student when booking is confirmed; to be prepared at your convenience before class. Students can request from Miyo candle for materials to be shipped over if inaccessible in their area.