CLAB wax plant master class

Wax plant master class is a certificate course designed by a well-known candle association in Korea; Craft & Design Lab (CLAB). With so many interesting designs and making methods, they have come up with a new recipe of making realistic looking plant. 🪴




CLAB’s wax plant master class will teach you techniques of using interesting tools to create the realism of plants. From creating a natural looking leaf shape to every mini detail on the leaves that exists in real plants. This class is not just about “making a plant candle”, we aim to create an art piece like flower arrangement, where each petal and leaf is carefully crafted and combined into the plant one by one.



1. making of wax plant sheet

2. making of wax plant stem

3. making of wax plant base

4. green plant candle 

5. poinsettia candle


class fee SGD 345
certificate issuance fee SGD80
Estimated duration
4~6 hours (differs for each student)  
any enquiries / to book a timeslot
Instagram message @miyocandle 
offline / online class is available
Offline classes will be held at our studio with all materials and equipment prepared.
Online classes will be held via Zoom video call. A list of required equipment will be sent to the student when booking is confirmed; to be prepared at your convenience before class. Students can request from Miyo candle for materials to be shipped over if inaccessible in their area.