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bouquet gift master class


Bouquet Gift Master Class is a certificate course by Bouquet Design Research Association (BDRA). Its’ intentions originated from a tradition where the bride throws the wedding bouquet to her unmarried friend and shares the luck from the bouquet. It is a culture in Korea for the friend to then dry and preserve the wedding bouquet well to be given back to the bride 100 days later for lifelong happiness. Bouquet gifts were then created and made popular, serving its’ meaningful purpose.




This course teaches you step by step from the right way to dry the flowers to designing them with technique. We especially emphasise on maintaining the bouquet’s original look and vibe to contain it within the candle. After completion of this course, you will be awarded with a certificate and be able to conduct your own bouquet gift master class under Korea’s Bouquet Design Research Association.



1. drying of bouquet flowers, greens

2. bouquet candle

3. bouquet candle holder

4. bouquet herbarium

5. additional item (special bouquet gift)





Estimated duration

5~6 hours (differs for each student)


any enquiries / to book a timeslot
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