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offline class open! (18.11.22)

Recently opened offline classes at Chueok Fragrances and had so much fun with the students! It’s definitely different from my previous online classes as I get to see you guys in person 🫶🏻


First time trying candle making but he was so detailed and skilled..


 Super cute pink bear 💗


End products of two lovely students <333


이 사진 보니까 또 보고싶네요~ 언제든지 또 놀러오세요 ㅠㅠ💛 Hope to see you guys again ✨


Went down to the pop-up to restock too! (It’s untill 29th Oct) Really thankful to everyone who went down specially for my candles ;-; There are so many cute stuff there… I was very tempted to shop while restocking 😂


There is a full body mirror here too hehe Miyo candle pop-up is just right beside this mirror~


Currently, I do not have a self-own studio but am partnering with Chueok Fragrances to provide offline classes for you guys :) Working on candle orders, restocking the pop-up and heading down to the physical studio for classes, it’s been hectic but definitely a satisfying week!