CCA moru master class


Cute Crafts Association CCA is a organisation from Korea that devised a master curriculum specially for the moru doll. This class has been planned with detail but also in an easy to apprehend way, where beginners with no craft experience can master with ease.




Why CCA?

Moru dolls’ popularity has spread across different industries and can be found in stationery, phone accessories, bag shops, so on and is now taking over candle studios as well. With such a wide variety of industries joining this trend, CCA created this class that teaches different and unique ways of making their moru dolls stand out among others. From a bear to a bird, there are many types to explore and learn. Within that, you will also learn various techniques of making each individual design to distinguish your moru dolls from others.



1. moru bear (flat version)

2. moru rabbit (3D version)

3. moru cat (two-tone version)

4. moru puppy


(More curriculum to be shared upon achieving certificate)

5. moru duck

6. moru fox

and more!



class fee SGD210

certificate issuance fee SGD60


Estimated duration

2~3 hours (differs for each student)


any enquiries / to book a timeslot

Instagram message @miyocandle


online / offline class is available

Offline classes will be held at our studio with all materials and equipment prepared.
Online classes will be held via Zoom video call. A list of required equipment will be sent to the student when booking is confirmed; to be prepared at your convenience before class. Students can request from Miyo candle for materials to be shipped over if inaccessible in their area.